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This Timeshare Advocacy website supports your rights and use of mediation, arbitration and ombudsman as a dispute resolution alternative (ADR) to civil lawsuits.

What is Timeshare Advocate?
Timeshare Advocacy represents actions taken and solutions proposed to influence decision-making to create positive outcomes for people and their environment.  Timeshare Advocates work on your behalf to create public ADR awareness and support legal rights for individuals and businesses in need of professional guidance. ADR is the popular acronym for Alternative Dispute Resolution which encompasses mediation, arbitration, ombudsman, and paralegal professionals.

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Timeshare Legal Advocacy Mission is to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation, arbitration and ombudsman as out-of-court conflict settlement options. We advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution based on fundamental belief that individuals and business can resolve their own conflict when provided skilled professional guidance. We encourage out-of-court settlements of business disputes, consumer complaints, contract agreements, personal injury, policy disputes, compliance regulations, personal rights and all other rights issues.

As a Public Service Informational Website, we welcome partnerships with law professionals, law advocacy groups, and educators. Please submit your company news, press releases, and articles for publication on this website. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this Timeshare Legal Advocacy website better. Contact Us

The Timeshare Advocate Mission Is Two Fold:

The Consumer and Users of Timeshare Advocate Services:
To support Timeshare legal rights and expand the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by providing Mediation, Arbitration, Paralegal and Ombudsman resources to the general public.

The Legal Professional and Legal Advocates:
To facilitate the advancement of Alternative Dispute Resolution by promoting ADR best practices, public education, professional legal directories, advocate training, Internet marketing, and networking opportunities for Mediators, Arbitrators, Lawyers, Attorneys, Paralegals, Ombudsman, Ombudsperson and law professionals.

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<p><a href="http://www.timesharemediation.com" target="_blank"><b>ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution</b></a> - The Quick Fair Legal Solution for Settling Disputes outside the Courtroom with Mediation, Arbitration, Paralegal, and Ombudsman Services</p>

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution - The Quick Fair Legal Solution for Settling Disputes outside the Courtroom with Mediation, Arbitration, Paralegal, and Ombudsman Services

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